THE PUFF The title says it all. But if you want the wind: welcome to this most majestical guide to the stamps, covers and curios relating to the 1953 Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Around 80 territories issued stamps for the event. That's a lot of choice when combined with the innumerable commemorative covers prepared by individuals, dealers and organisations. THE THANKS Many contributed to the making of this series of guides. A big thank you to all mentioned here and the unsung heroes who chose anonymity …THANK YOU! Adrian Philbey The Bradbury Wilkinson History Project Bob Vogel Bruce Perkins Chris Harris Chris Watson David Lister Derek Mabbs Everett Parker Gary Dickinson Geoff Brakspeare George Muralee James P Gough John Gledhill Kevin Corrigan Michel Blanc Roy Reader Safi Lodi Stephen Jones Steve Farago Richard Edwards Richard Monteiro Roland Klinger THE PLEA With your help this guide can be expanded and improved. Don't be shy. Share your knowledge for the benefit of all. Send amendments and additions to INFO@1953CORONATION.COM or use the Contact form.